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Ship Shadow is a subscription service that helps ecommerce businesses track orders, shipments, and package deliveries from one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

Find out how we can help track every step of your shipment’s delivery.

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Don’t leave your customers
in the dark

Over half of all shoppers say they won’t make a purchase if they do not know when it will be delivered.

Lack of clear shipment expectations often leave small businesses overshadowed by the ecommerce giants. Build customer trust and retainment by pre-empting late complaints and automating USPS requests. Customer service doesn’t end when your packages are picked up by the United States Postal Service.

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Ship Shadow is a one-stop spot for you to monitor your entire mail stream. Features include:

Shine a light
on your shipping

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Our first 100 subscribers will receive their first

three months FREE

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Who We Are

Ship Shadow was created by Dustin and Gary, the owners of The Token Shop, an ecommerce business which ships nearly 5,000 packages per month. After experiencing upwards of 4,000 packages which were either delayed or lost in transit during the 2020 holiday shipping season, they knew there had to be a better way to monitor the health of their mail steam. Thus, the Ship Shadow concept was born!

Dustin and Gary built an excel tool to track their packages. Then, they decided to partner with a software company to automate the tool in order to help other ecommerce shops address their shipping concerns.

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